Finn Juhl // "One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can spoil quite a lot of happiness with bad ones"


Today we wanted to give a little bit of background information on our favorite Danish designer, Finn Juhl. We will continue adding “profiles” on our favorite Danish designers so keep checking back!

Finn Juhl began his career as an architect after studying at the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts. After working for an arichectual design firm for about 10 years, he decided to open his own interior design and furniture practice in Nyhavn in Copenhagen. 

His early chairs were originally produced in small numbers by hand and emphasized the artisan craftsmanship. His early work was not favored amongst his peers and did not gain popularity until he was featured in Interiors magazine in 1948. After this, he successfully united the idea of mass produced furniture with his very high standards and continued to design furniture well into his later years. 


Fun fact! We actually named our puppy, Finn, after Mr. Juhl himself! Here is a picture of her sitting in a Finn Juhl diplomat chair.