One of my favorite things to do is to travel. I am so lucky that I was able to start a business where I get to travel back and forth to my absolute favorite city, Copenhagen. I made my first trip to Copenhagen for a long weekend and fell in love with the city, people and food. It was during the first trip that I was inspired to import Danish furniture to the states.


 On my second trip, I reached out to a local furniture wholesaler and set up a meeting at his warehouse to talk about the logistics of starting this business. He was so incredibly helpful that when I went home, I immediately began pouring all of my spare time into developing our business, Indre By Design.

 After all the planning and funding was complete, I returned to Copenhagen for a third time feeling inspired. I was familiar with the city and had meetings lined up for most of the days there. Our third day was like a dream come true: I spent the entire day walking through someones shop and buying all of the furniture I wanted! I was overwhelmed with all of my choices and very excited. We had bought several items at local antique stores and added those to the shipment. Now all I had to do was wait for it to make the long journey from Copenhagen to Houston.

 Furniture and Danish design are not the only things I love Copenhagen. The people are extremely warm and welcome, the food is to die for, the wine bars are filled with esoteric wines and the whole city is picturesque. I always leave the city feeling inspired and excited. What is your favorite city to travel to?